To join GRIP, you need a concrete, solid case against Google.

As soon as we receive your membership form, we will contact you to know more about your story and how Google had an impact on you and/or your business.

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by public affairs consultancy Avisa and the selection will ultimately be discretionary.

Once passed the filtering stage, Avisa will refer your case to international law firm Hausfeld to assess its litigation prospects.

A joining fee will be payable only upon completion of the filtering stage and once a claim has been deemed eligible for further investigation.

GRIP membership fees are low and transparent, and we will not increase them. They do not include specific litigation costs. However, when permitted by applicable law, members will not have to disburse a penny upfront for litigation. Hausfeld and Avisa will take a share of the damages.

Joining fees for companies will be based on their annual revenues as set up in the table below:

Victim's profile

One-off entry fee

Companies with yearly turnover of max. € 100,000*

€ 10,000**

Companies with a yearly turnover of between € 100,000 and € 10,000,000*

€ 20,000**

Companies with a yearly turnover of more than € 10,000,000*

€ 50,000**

Individuals, associations and other not-for-profit entities

Please contact us

*  Ex VAT, last available exercice.

** Ex VAT