GRIP offers essential services for businesses and individuals who have been hurt by Google’s unfair practices to assess the viability of potential claims.

GRIP wants to become a reference point for the analysis of information and first assessment of the viability of potential claims arising of out Google’s anticompetitive behaviour.

GRIP will report on some of the most relevant aspects of Google’s EU antitrust investigation and developments across the globe with the aim of keeping those potential victims and other interested parties informed when considering their options forward. The information will be swift, factual, timely and relevant and it will include insights on potential cases to come.

GRIP will deal with all types of Google services and products, associated to business practices that may violate EU competition rules, including, but not limited to, Search, Android and YouTube.


Until now, mechanisms for seeking redress in relation to Google’s abuse of dominant position are unknown. GRIP will ensure that those affected by such conduct can have a communication channel and an option so they can be noticed.


Our team has extensive experience in counselling and representing on regulatory and legal antitrust matters.

GRIP’s representation will be mainly with the European Commission, whose DG Competition is investigating Google’s activities. It will also be with the European Parliament, which has shown itself unusually active, with other EU institutions, and when needed with national Governments and national competitions authorities. Avisa has been registered since July 2009 on the Joint European Transparency Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament.

All this will be based on a serious track record: Avisa started to help French start-up 1PlusV against Google as far back as 2009.


GRIP will be unique forum to gather stories and experiences from those who suffered from Google’s anticompetitive behaviour. Experience sharing will happen in two different ways:

- with the GRIP Platform, on a dedicated portion of our website.

- with the GRIP team alone, in order to help you assess the power of your would-be damage claim.