The number of formal antitrust complaints against Google grows by the month, the number of articles denouncing a new Google risk or scandal grows by the week, the number of serious blogs raising awareness about doubtful or harmful practices grows by the day.

The European Commission has been investigating Google since 2010 in relation to the way it displays the general search results where it features its own specialised services more prominently than those of other providers, as well as its other practices in the technology markets.

In April 2015 the European Commission sent a Statement of Objections (SO) to Google in which it expressed its preliminary view that Google is abusing its dominant position by favouring its own shopping comparison product in its search results. The Commission and other competition watchdogs have also been looking into AdWords, Maps and other Google services. For instance, the Commission has recently launched an investigation into Google’s Android system for mobile phones.

We believe that the impact and scope of Google’s anticompetitive behaviour could be significant.

So far, some individuals and businesses found it very difficult or simply did not know how to assess or progress any potential rights of claim they may have. This partially explains why the share of Google’s victims who dare to seek redress remains to this day astonishingly small.

With many players in technology markets being relatively small and spread across the European continent, we want to create an independent and accessible way to help evaluate your situation.

Avisa and Hausfeld's expertise can help find appropriate forums and ways for resolution of your case anywhere in Europe, where possible. If your circumstances allow it, you may be able to seek access to resolution mechanisms in countries other than that of your domicile. We may therefore be in a position to offer you a broader menu of choices than other conventional mechanisms.